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The Holostech simulator allows the user to learn the procedure and risks involved in a fueling activity in a standard airplane refueling plant. The experience is an ideal tool for training both the fuel truck driver and the personnel in charge of aircraft fueling.

From the selection of critical controls and prevention measures to the verification of fuel quality, this simulation scenario goes through the complete procedure of refueling an aircraft, also providing the experience of consequences in case of not respecting the process and safety standards.

Developer: Holostech

Category: Industrial procedures, Oil&Gas, Work safety

Idiomas: Spanish

Metrics?: Yes

Users: Single

Plataforms: HTC Vive

Desktop Version?: Yes

Mobile Version?: No

Learning outcomes

  • Exposure to occupational safety risks associated with the activity.
  • Understand and perform the procedure for unloading a fuel truck at an airplane plant
  • Understand and perform the procedure for fueling an aircraft (for 3 different models).
  • To become familiar with the safety standards related to this activity
  • To identify and use the equipment used in this activity (truck and systems).
  • To understand the consequences of poor decision makings, lack of control or technical failures of the equipment.

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